In the Veterans Substance Misuse Case Management Service (VSMCMS) we provide specialist help and advice across Forth Valley to veterans with alcohol or drug problems. Substance misuse can sometimes hide the symptoms of other mental health problems and make it difficult for people to ask for, or find, effective help and treatment. We help veterans get the help they need for their addiction before they receive help for mental health issues. In the Armed Forces, some 13% of those deployed to operations in Iraq and Afghanistan are thought to suffer from significant alcohol disorders. Our services are free for veterans. It doesn’t matter how young or old a veteran is, how long they’ve served or when – we can help. For more details please go to: http://www.combatstress.org.uk/medical-professionals/substance-misuse-service/

How to contact us The VSMCMS Nurses are co-located with Signpost Recovery and can be contacted on 01259 272112. Alternatively we can be contacted on the following mobile telephone numbers 07715 075689 or 07710 087092

Social Inclusion Project (SIP) The SIP provides an opportunity for vulnerable individuals aged 16+ years who reside within the Falkirk Council area to improve access and engagement with community services to access appropriate support in relation to issues such as:

  • Substance Misuse
  • Mental Health
  • Physical Health
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Offending Behaviour
  • Anti-social Behaviour
  • Housing and Social Problems

Target Group

This initiative specifically targets people that satisfy a number of the following criteria:

  • Adults (persons over 16 years of age who are not under supervision in terms of social work (Scotland) Act 1968), although consideration will be given to young people under supervision in conjunction with youth services;
  • Who are at significant risk of offending or who persistently commit acquisitive crime and have significant frequencies of offending in Forth Valley;
  • Who commit crimes in order to finance their drug/alcohol/substance dependency;
  • Adults who may be subject to the Adult Support and Protection (Scotland) Act 2007;
  • Who are subject to Vulnerable Person Reports and significant police concerns;
  • Who are frequent attenders at NHS Forth Valley and Emergency Department;
  • Who reside in the Falkirk Area. This target group is identified using police intelligence data and information from criminal justice, Signpost Recovery, NHS and Falkirk Council Housing. This is not a self-referral service; referrals come from Police Scotland, Falkirk Council Social Work, Conflict Resolution Service, FIRST Team, Signpost, NHS A&E and the Hospital Addiction Team.

Custody Arrest Referral This aspect of the service provides assessment and support in the custody suites in Falkirk and Stirling Police Stations. People in custody who have addiction issues are offered a referral to the main services. Arrest referral also acts as a communication medium for those who are already engaging with services and we are able to inform partners if one of their clients is in custody which is useful for medication and prescribing issues.

General Practitioner Prescribing Service (GPPS) This service is delivered in conjunction with a number of GP’s in the locality. We provide all aspects of key working, motivational and psycho social support and the GP provides the medical component of care and treatment.

Harm Reduction This service provides injecting equipment and outreach help in accordance with the presenting issues. This service also provides advice and support on safer injecting, sexual health and blood borne viruses. The service targets those furthest away from treatment and those with a higher threshold of risk.

Core Drug and Alcohol Service This service acts as a generic support service which assesses the needs of the client and provides structures preparatory and motivational work to enable a seamless transition to other services such as Community Detoxification, Substance Misuse Services, Addiction Recovery Services (ARS)  and General Practitioner Prescribing Service (GPPS).

Clackmannanshire Healthier Lives (CHL)

Clackmannanshire Healthier Lives (CHL) began in 2008 and is an award winning anticipatory care project achieved through partnership a between NHS Forth Valley, Clackmannanshire Council and other third sector groups and services. Whilst funded by Clackmannanshire Council, the partnership’s leadership and coordination function is delivered by Signpost Recovery. This unique programme focuses on those Clackmannanshire citizens experiencing the most disadvantage in our communities, thus reducing socioeconomic and health inequalities.   CHL offers a range of approaches to support sustainable long term changes. CHL offers a package of assessment and care planning which allows for the:

  • The identification of health, social and emotional issues that are barriers to an individual’s    potential;
  • Support to tackle lifestyle risk factors; smoking cessation, weight management and alcohol support etc.;
  • The promotion of positive wellbeing and positive behaviour change;
  • Access to support, new life skills and opportunities;
  • Work towards increased independence and employability;
  • Engagement with community and voluntary sector groups to promote a social model supporting real behaviour change;
  • The recognition of community assets as opposed to deficits. Our aim is to tackle the inequalities that prevent Clackmannanshire reaching its potential. Reducing such inequalities will play a significant part in creating a skilled, resilient population who assert control over their lives, look after their health and participate in the local economy.


The alcohol support component of CHL provision involves the assessment and care management of clients whom have a range of presenting issues in relation to alcohol misuse. CHL have a dedicated Substance Misuse Worker (Signpost Recovery) and an Alcohol Counsellor (Addictions Support & Counselling) who work together to provide a recovery orientated system of care that recognises the unique needs of Clackmannanshire’s citizens and communities.

CHL Active Communities Officer: The physical activity component of CHL is provided by Clackmannanshire Council and aims to:

  • To improve the physical and mental health of Clackmannanshire citizens.
  • Reduce the incidences of illness’s and subsequent visits to GP’s.
  • Improve the employment prospects of Individual’s through increased wellbeing, confidence and self-esteem.

We have specifically set up activities in deprived areas to improve the opportunities of local people attending classes, thus reducing the costs associated with travel. To promote inclusion and understanding, specific classes have been designed to enable the disability community to join in with their non-disabled peers.

Health & Personal Development Officer: This post is staffed by Clackmannanshire Council and in the main, this post delivers services to people affected by mild to moderate mental health problems. The post has a focus on those who are excluded, vulnerable or harder to reach (including those who cannot be supported by other services) and supports these clients to build skills, confidence and resilience. The role also involves the delivery of interventions and support via a group work context, groups such as the Self-esteem group have been a valuable pre-cursor or addition to the interventions being provided by other components of the CHL project.

Community Food and Development Worker (CFDW) & Food Assistant: These posts are provided by NHS Forth Valley. The CFDW & Food Assistant work with vulnerable adults, families and communities to identify their food and nutritional needs. The team develop Clackmannanshire specific approaches to community food work, thus supporting health improvement by initiating long term sustainable changes for individuals and communities through the increasing of skills and knowledge around food, nutrition and health.

Tullibody Healthy Living (THL): Tullibody Healthy Living is a community-led health organisation operating within the geographical community of Tullibody, Cambus and Glenochil. By adopting a whole community approach, and through our location within the central shopping area of the village, we ensure THL staff work with the local community to address the issues that are having a negative impact on their health and wellbeing. Our approach involves community empowerment and this results in a more resilient population and our service provision supports the prevention of ill health through tackling the causes of health inequalities.

For Further Information Contact a member of the CHL team:

Clackmannanshire Healthier Lives Signpost Recovery, Units 1 & 2, Cooperage Business Village, Cooperage Way, Alloa, FK10 3LP Tel: 0845 6731774 / 01259 272112 Email: info@signpostrecovery.org.uk

Time 4 Us This service provides intervention and support to all family members affected by parental substance misuse This intensive and personal service recognizes the needs of young children in the family environment who are seen as individuals and have their own care plan. It is often delivered in conjunction with Child Protection measures and therefore has a high degree of accountability.

http://www.asc.me.uk/   –  Asc provides range of counselling for people affected by alcohol and/or drug misuse.

http://www.fvfamilies.org.uk/   – If you are a family member concerned about someone’s drug or alcohol use; SFAD can offer support.

https://www.facebook.com/Popuprecovery – Pop up Recovery is a peer lead community project covering Forth Valley. Information about upcoming events & meeting updated regularly on this page.

http://forthvalleyadp.org.uk/ – Respond to national strategies on drugs, alcohol, tobacco and volatile substances.

http://www.nhs24.com/ – Call free on 111 if you are ill and it can’t wait until your regular NHS service to re-open.

http://www.samaritans.org/ – If something’s troubling you, then get in touch.

http://www.scottishwomensaid.org.uk/ – Works towards the prevention of domestic abuse.

http://www.alcoholics-anonymous.org.uk/ – Meeting carried out throughout the Forth Valley, to find your nearest meetings get in touch or visit the website.

http://ukna.org/ – Meeting carried out throughout the Forth Valley, to find your nearest meetings get in touch or visit the website