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Drug Support Service

The ‘Drug Support Service’ at Signpost is for drug users, their families, their partners and when appropriate their friends. We cover all age groups; however anyone under sixteen will be referred to an appropriate local service.

What we offer you:-

  • Access to our team of caring, non-judgemental, professional and experienced staff.
  • An assessment of your current substance use.
  • Person centered approach.
  • Relapse management.
  • Sexual health information.
  • Advice and support on how to access a local Doctor, including how to register.
  • Support through your self detoxification.
  • Harm reduction information.
  • Help to access the service most appropriate to your specific need.
  • Access to GP prescribing service where appropriate.

Because we work in partnership with other drug services and many other agencies we can help you access a whole range of comprehensive help.

You may feel that we are not the service for your needs but feel free to contact us anyway. We will be happy to discuss your options and help direct you to another appropriate service.