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In photograph L- R
Arlene (Tesco) Yvonne Laird (SFRS) Claire Dempsey (SIP) David Reid (SFRS) PC Karen Ross (Braes Community Police Team) Angela (Tesco) PC Steven Lorimer (Braes Community Police Team)

LSO David Lockhart and Station Manager P&P Stuart Watson from the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service, Falkirk Fire Station kindly donated £500 to Signpost Recovery Harm Reduction Team and The Social Inclusion Project (South). In addition Tesco, Redding Road Store, Falkirk donated £50 and assisted with our in-store shopping trip.

This is the fourth consecutive year that Falkirk Fire Station and Tesco Redding Road Store have assisted with our appeal. It is extremely heartening to know how much people care and we cannot thank them enough for their kindness at a time of year which can be very lonely and difficult for some.

This money enabled us to purchase food for 50 individuals within the Falkirk District area to the most vulnerable and in need. This food is being distributed this week along with Home Fire Safety Visits to ensure these individuals are safe and secure within their own properties.

If you or someone you know is vulnerable or may be at risk from fire please get in touch and arrange a FREE home fire safety visit with local firefighters by calling 0800 0731 999 or visit
A wide range of tips on how to keep yourself and your home safe from fire are available on the SFRS website:

Transfer Your Skills to a Successful Role in Substance Misuse and/or Social Care

Thinking of a change in career? Many of the people coming to work in the Substance Misuse and/or Social Care sector do so as a second or third career. Even though you may not have previous experience in the Substance Misuse and/or Social Care fields you’re looking to enter, you are highly likely to have many of the skills that could help you to be successful. Examples of skills that would transfer well into the Substance Misuse and/or Social Care sector include:
• Communication skills – Most Substance Misuse and/or Social Care roles require a lot of interaction with people, including those who are dependent upon substances, unwell, upset and experiencing distress. Someone working in the must be a “people person,” have a lot of empathy and be good at communicating with people;

• Dealing with difficult and demanding situations – Working in Substance Misuse and/or Social Care can also be difficult, and it is important that you are good at dealing with your own emotions, feelings and stress levels as well as also helping others to deal with the difficulties and demands they are experiencing;

• Attention to detail – Paperwork is a big part of most Substance Misuse and Social Care roles. Successful employees bring an ability in terms of attention to detail to their roles, thus, ensuring accurate recording, reporting and care planning, which, in turn, enables the provision of coordinated and outcomes focussed care.
Owing to expansion, Signpost Recovery is currently recruiting for a number of roles within our organisation. Please see for details. However, having successfully hosted a number of student placements and having supported a number of trainee placements in the past, we have also made provision for a number of entry level traineeships for people who are interested in working in Substance Misuse and/or Social Care but have found that a lack of experience in these fields a barrier to changing career. Signpost Recovery would be interested in meeting people with work experience in other fields, but where the potential candidate can demonstrate that the skills are transferrable. However, the most important qualities are an interest in people and an understanding of what difficulties they may be facing.
As part of this recruitment, Signpost Recovery are offering fast track training for successful candidates in a range of qualifications eg Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.
If you’ve never worked in the sector before and are looking for a change of career, Signpost Recovery are hosting our own ‘Recruitment Fayre on
Monday 17th December 2018 1100hrs – 1400hrs
Venue: Units 1 & 2, Block 7, Cooperage Business Village, Cooperage way, Alloa, FK10 3LP

This event will provide prospective candidates and/or those considering a change in career with a good opportunity to understand in more detail what our work involves.
Please call 01259 272112 for booking and attendance information.