Who are Signpost Recovery?

The charity was founded in 2002 as Signpost Forth Valley. However, Signpost Recovery was incorporated as a company limited by guarantee on 28th August 2007 as successor to Signpost Forth Valley, thus, from this date all assets of this organisation were transferred to the new company.

Signpost Recovery has grown considerably over the five years and has demonstrated year on year growth and we now have an annual turnover of around £1.9 Million. However, service provision related to substance misuse services remains at the core of what we do and the vast majority of these services are commissioned by the Forth Valley Alcohol & Drug Partnership (FVADP). Signpost Recovery is governed by a Board of Directors and is strategically led, managed and operated on a day-to-day basis by a Senior Management Team consisting of the General Manager and the Operations Manager.

Signpost is now involved in a number of partnerships with Clackmannanshire Council, Falkirk Council, NHS Forth Valley and Combat Stress for the provision of addiction, recovery  and support services both in community and prison settings. However, in addition to its main substance misuse service provision, Signpost Recovery now co-ordinates and/or contributes to a number of other social care and support services such as the Alcohol Related Brain Damage (ARBD) Service, Clackmannanshire Healthier Lives (CHL) and the Social Inclusion Project (SIP). Whilst we are a ‘not for profit’ organisation we are using an entrepreneurial leadership approach whereby we are actively turning financial profit into ‘social profit’ and are deploying resources to the benefit of our client groups and key stakeholders.

Objectives and Activities

Signpost’s objectives are the advancement of health and the relief of those in need by reason of ill health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage by providing community access drug, alcohol, substance misuse and health & social care services in the local authority areas of Stirling, Falkirk and Clackmannanshire (also known collectively as the Forth Valley area).

Signpost Recovery carries out the following activities in the attainment of its objectives:

  1. The provision of information, advice and support to substance users, carers and families and where appropriate enables access into treatment, care and support services that encompass a ‘Recovery Orientated System of Care’ (ROSC);
  2. The facilitation of clinics, appointments, outreach services and ‘Drop-in’ provision for those identified as having being affected by substance misuse whilst resident in the Forth Valley area;
  3. The development, promotion and maintenance of partnerships and working relationships with the relevant agencies, commissioners and key stakeholders;
  4. Maintaining a service structure that allows for the provision of advice, information, training, support and guidance to individuals, groups, organisations and communities in the Forth Valley area who are affected by or impacted upon by substance misuse;
  5. The development, planning and provision of care and support services to new and emerging client groups in well managed and organised projects. Examples of which include the Clackmannanshire Healthier Lives (CHL) initiative, Social Inclusion Project and the Veterans Substance Misuse Case Management Service.

The main purpose of these activities is to help clients address the physical, emotional and social issues arising from problematic drug and/or alcohol use. Through assessment, recovery planning and care management processes we aim to reduce the risks to the individual and their families health and well-being which results from their use of these substances.

Access to Services

We provide help, advice and support for drug, alcohol and other substance misuse problems through the use of a range of outcome and recovery focussed interventions. There is no limit to how many times a client can be referred and we provide in-depth support in relation to a range of substance misuse issues such as harm reduction, treatment advice and relapse. Each week we operate a number of ‘Drop-in’ services, outreach clinics and assessment clinics throughout the Forth Valley area in order to ensure appropriate and timeous access to treatment, care and support. Signpost promises to provide an appointment for assessment within 5 working days of your first contact.

Information Sharing

Whilst we will treat your information confidentially and we will seek your consent to disclose information to support your care, there are some circumstances, where our staff have a legal duty or duty of care to share information with other agencies without seeking consent, for example: when it is a matter of child or adult protection; where there is a statutory requirement to share information; in connection with legal proceedings; or for the prevention, detection or prosecution of a crime.


We value all the people for whom we provide services and take complaints, expressions of dissatisfaction and comments about our service, seriously and resolve to respond to each, fairly, promptly and without prejudice. Additionally, we pride ourselves on our professional relationships, however, we recognise that mistakes can happen but we strive to put things right at the earliest opportunity.

Where misunderstandings occur or mistakes are made, it is important that each is addressed and resolved. Complaints may reveal problems relating to procedures, practice, or even resources. By listening and taking each seriously it is possible to learn valuable lessons and improve our service.

Should you wish to discuss an issue, complaint or would like further information about how to complain please contact our office on 01259 272112 and ask to speak to a manager.